Douglas Lord

Director / Digital  Strategy / Internet Marketing

Doug’s main focus is problem solving and in turn increasing revenue for his clients through increasing the number of targeted visitors to their websites. Data analysis is his prime metric and he uses a holistic methodology of SEO combined with best website, and content management practices to generate traffic. He started out using cognitive tools early at home with  C64, BASIC and MS-DOS. Being a member of his school computer club he was able to work with the apple II and DOS 3.3.  He moved to utilising a range of data analysis software while studying management information systems and quantitative analysis. With an early introduction to  TCP/IP following AARNet, search engines, internal work developing both Act (CRM) and IBM AS/400 then working with Dreamweaver and Premiere PRO-Adobe. He has set up servers in underground bunkers and was part of  introducing Cisco’s MPLS-VPN to the  market.  From  UNE, UQRicoh Australia to Digital Dominator, Doug has been learning and developing his skills in the online space for over 20 years.

An Australian pioneer in internet traffic, entrepreneur, and business analyst, Doug has worked as a webmaster in Spain, Holland, Denmark, Russia and the USA. He is a consulting lecturer with the Institute of Digital Marketing and keeps updated with SEO and Algorithm changes through forums, online training, reading journals, as well as attending digital marketing conferences.

He is musically inclined with many past projects touring around the country. He has recorded with Daniel Jones from Savage Garden and released tracks for Quiksilver and Kelly Slater. His songs were picked by INXS band-member, Kirk Pengilly for Layne Beachleys “Life in The Fast Layne”. Most days you will generally  find him behind a screen looking at data and managing processes otherwise He enjoys spending time  with his family and  you may find him playing golf, fishing, boating, surfing and playing or listening to music when he has the opportunity. As you would be aware Musicians, Scientists and Analysts all have a common goal “order”.

Known as overachiever, yet a real team player and independent learner, Doug works hard to get results  for his clients and encourages his team to grow and develop as technology changes, this includes educating clients in the digital space to get better outcomes long term. As a Google High Achiever he has a wealth of knowledge across the online marketing landscape which includes but is not limited to Web, Code, SEO, PPC, E-commerce, Analytics, CRM and SMM. His down to earth leadership style combined with his wealth of knowledge is a valuable asset to Digital Dominator.  Doug is currently studying a Masters in Digital Marketing. In his previous roles as a Director, COO and GM he has broad experience with the challenges of  SME  growth and sustainability throughout the business cycle.

Ivan Donlic

SEO Analyst & Content Management

Ivan is a highly skilled online marketer and his hobbies include the outdoors, surfing, hiking, camping, photography, art and sustainable living. Ivan is also a musician and has supported bands such as “The Strokes” and “You Am I”.

Ivan started out in Web Development in the mid 2000’s, studying web development, graphic design, multimedia and search engine optimisation at the North Coast Institute of Technology. His passion for providing user friendly quality content took him to white hat SEO and content creation in 2016.

Ivan is an integral part of Digital Dominator and manages on page and offpage SEO, webmaster tools/console and content management. His skills in Photoshop and graphic design give Digital Dominator the ability to provide world class image management, infographics and brand creation solutions.

Vivienne Pearson

Feature writing and creative content

Vivienne writes engaging content including well researched articles blogs and press releases for our clients. Vivienne also writes feature stories for newspapers and magazines.

In April 2019, Vivienne received one of the inaugural Walkley Grants for Freelance Journalists in order to delve more deeply into the topic of fundraising in schools.

Whilst more proficient when holding a pen than behind a camera, Vivienne has a good eye for a photo so most of the non-stock photographs you’ll see accompanying articles are hers.

After moving to near Byron Bay a few years ago, Vivienne discovered the joys of chai, flying trapeze and river floating.

Jamie Perry

Network, Cybersecurity, CRM Management

Jamie Perry
E-Commerce, Point of Sale, Email Campaigns, Apps, Digital Production and Design,Logos, Corporate Identity,Brand Identity,Brand Strategy, Lead Management Customer Analytics, Qauality Assurance, Proof Reading, Platform Usability, Transaction testing, Cyber security, Penetration testing, DDoS Mitigaton and Testing. Custom CRM and database builds.

Donna Pearson

Finance and Administration Manager

Donna who is no relation to Vivienne, coordinates administrative services, records and information management, facilities planning and maintenance, custodial operations, debt collection and office support.
Donna also provides support in vital areas such as business planning, finance and human resources.

The job requires multiskilled abilities which Donna has in spades as well as leadership, analytical thinking, creativity, attention to details and excellent communication skills.

Creditorwatch was set up by Donna which gives us the ability to analyse potential clients credit reports. We can review their credit history and identify adverse information including registered defaults, court actions, insolvency notices or mercantile enquiries.