Bean Ninjas, an Australia-based online bookkeeping services company, was ready to grow their traffic and conversions. They knew that smart technical SEO would be critical to their success.

Bean Ninjas wanted to build their presence in the Australian, US and UK markets. So they went searching for an SEO company with the right vision and proven expertise to help realise their goals. Small business start-up owners like Meryl Johnston often have to make the right decisions fast and there is very little margin for error.

Having had some experience working with SEO agencies in Australia, Meryl was highly focused on partnering with a quality SEO agency who was rooted in the technical side of SEO.

From the initial conversation to the audit and strategy presentation, Meryl was confident that Digital Dominator would be able to execute on their strategy and deliver the results Bean Ninjas was looking for.

SEO strategy that works

Bean Ninjas was clear that they only wanted to work with an agency that:

  • Practiced white-hat SEO
  • Could effectively manage the backend of search engines (webmaster tools), site maps, redirects and site speed
  • Was well versed in on-page and off-page SEO with the ability to grow traffic and keywords internationally on a consistent basis
  • Was transparent, hands-on and didn’t smooth talk or over promise things they couldn’t deliver.


It was clear from their initial engagements that Digital Dominator and Bean Ninjas were a cultural fit.

Bean Ninjas were particularly impressed by Digital Dominator’s data-driven approach and personable customer service.

Furthermore, Digital Dominator’s audit and SEO strategy presentations were easy to follow, logical, and technical – everything Bean Ninja’s desired in a partner.

It was clear that Digital Dominator could not only present raw data but work with them and assist them improve their already effective content management strategy.

Gaining 648 target keyword positions, and 50% increase in keyword clicks in 12 months

From May  2018 through to May 2019 they achieved a total target keyword position gain of 648 and a 50% increase in keyword clicks.

The data-driven SEO strategy targeted specific and purposeful keywords to create more opportunities for Bean Ninjas to gain it’s audience’s attention.

“The presentation of the strategy and process, if well presented, really makes a big difference. If we can implement something and once and it works, then we are happy.

Meryl Johnston


Making good content perform better

Meryl and her team are effective content writers, but without good on-page SEO she noted that the traffic just wasn’t there.

With Digital Dominator’s’ expertise, the digital content became less of a point of contention – because it was done right.


DD worked with the Bean Ninjas team to:

  • Improve landing pages, blogs, podcast and social media content
  • Made the content that Bean Ninjas created work for SEO back linking and thematic keyword searches to improve search engine results.


Improving site usability and conversions

Improving the structure of the site, including usability and siloing,  was an ongoing project. This assisted in the crawl-ability of the site and the foundation of the SEO campaign. This process involved input from all stakeholders.

Working, learning, and growing together

As an owner of a small, thriving business, Meryl’s time is limited. Her day-to-day schedule can often be hectic and she needed to have enough of an understanding of SEO to feel confident that the campaign was heading in the right direction.Furthermore, Meryl wanted to have her team educated to assist DD’s SEO process with minimal concern.

Digital dominator does much of the work however now members of the Bean Ninjas team have been trained in On-page and Content SEO, which makes for a successful venture with learning on both sides.

Bean Ninjas always have questions as they are a smart team who are focused on strategy and continuous improvement. Team members at DD have provided answers in a timely manner and are always on board to discuss any challenges or potential growth opportunities.

400% increase in organic traffic in just 6 months with Bean Ninjas

In just 6 months, the Digital Dominator SEO campaign gave Bean Ninjas the digital and SEO presence it needed to successfully grow their business online.

The result: Website traffic increased by 62% new users, 67% Goal completions, and 400% increase in organic traffic.

When Bean Ninja’s finds something that their competitors are doing that they think will help, the DD team is always quick to respond and make the changes so Bean Ninja’s is always on the top of its SEO game.


For Bean Ninjas DD was focused on getting the fundamentals right. It was important for them to invest in SEO as a high priority.Meryl knew that she had to get growth in consistent quality traffic and conversions to make sure they remained competitive.

DD was also asked to grow the US traffic for Bean Ninjas. Again we have seen very positive results in both traffic and keyword growth. The graphs below give the visual representation.

Bean Ninjas, like DD, knows that SEO has the potential to have a huge return on investment.

By continuing to partner with DD, Meryl knows that her marketing dollars are well spent because DD uses data and in-depth analysis to guide every aspect of the SEO strategy.

Every aspect of DD’s SEO is tailored to the individual company, its industry, and the client’s SEO goals. This is why DD’s clients continue to be successful month after month.